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Numbers vs. People

By Michael Roderick  -  On 10 Jun, 2014 -  0 comments

Many people will tell you that business is basically a numbers game. Do 100 calls, you’ll get at least 15 leads, those 15 leads will turn into 5 people considering your service and at least 2 or 3 will turn into a sale. This methodology leaves out the fact that there are PEOPLE on the

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On Email Introductions: Tip #5

By Norah Turnham  -  On 13 Mar, 2014 -  0 comments

When you receive an email introduction it’s important to remember to include the person who did the introducing in your follow up. A simple two-step way to do this is to, first, reply all to their introduction email but move them to BCC so that you won’t fill up their inbox with emails that are

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On Email Introductions: Tip #4

By Norah Turnham  -  On 05 Mar, 2014 -  0 comments

It may seem obvious but when you introduce two people you need to make sure you have accurate information about what they do and what they are looking for. There is nothing more frustrating – or even insulting – than being on the receiving end of an introduction only to be introduced incorrectly. Everybody has

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On Email Introductions: Tip #3

By Norah Turnham  -  On 27 Feb, 2014 -  0 comments

This tip is something that is a little bit about personal preference and, as far as I can see it, a lot about respecting the people in your network. Before you make an email introduction, pre-screen it by making sure both parties are actually interested in the intro. Now, there may be some people who

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On Email Introductions: Tip #2

By Norah Turnham  -  On 18 Feb, 2014 -  0 comments

If you don’t pre-screen your introductions (more on that in the next tip) make sure that both parties are aware of why you introduced them. You can include this in your email introduction and it can be as vague or specific as you’d like but give them something to go on. Explaining why you’re making

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On Email Introductions: Tip#1

By Norah Turnham  -  On 11 Feb, 2014 -  0 comments

There are a lot of tools and resources out there for people who make a lot of email introductions but there are some simple things you can do right from your inbox to make effective and successful connections for the people in your network. This series, which I will be posting weekly, covers my tips

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The Jenga Principle: What Jenga Has Taught Me About Networking

By Michael Roderick  -  On 18 Nov, 2013 -  0 comments

Remember Jenga? It always seemed so simple, right? All you had to do was take one block out, stack it, then keep moving, right? But what happened if you pulled the wrong block? This I think that networking is all about the same idea. Imagine you start a business and you meet someone who is

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Why your Business Card is like a Kiss: Six Rules to Remember Before “Kissing” Someone

By Michael Roderick  -  On 22 Oct, 2013 -  0 comments

I love meeting people.  I always carry a stack of business cards with me but I don’t have to replenish it very often.  The reason?  I think of my business card like a kiss. Here are six rules I follow when I do want to give a “kiss.” No one kisses anybody else without some

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The Price of Ignoring Someone

By Michael Roderick  -  On 14 Oct, 2013 -  0 comments

Every one of us comes to a time in our career or business when we get really, really busy. Sometimes we have a deadline to hit, other times a large number of clients present us with demands all at once, and sometimes we step away from our business for any number of family or personal

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Competitive vs. Collaborative

By Michael Roderick  -  On 09 Oct, 2013 -  0 comments

We’re often told that a little healthy competition is a good thing. The problem is that competition almost never stays little or healthy. In competition, we’re stuck playing the game “King of the Dock.” We push someone into the water so we can be on the dock and then we do everything we can to

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