On Email Introductions: Tip #3

By Norah Turnham  -  On 27 Feb, 2014 -  0 comments

This tip is something that is a little bit about personal preference and, as far as I can see it, a lot about respecting the people in your network.

Before you make an email introduction, pre-screen it by making sure both parties are actually interested in the intro.

Now, there may be some people who you know will happily meet with anyone you send their way.  Or maybe you’re known in your network for making a lower number of always amazing introductions.  But those are the exceptions to the rule.

Pre-screening your introductions not only prevents interactions that can damage your relationships but it shows the people you’re introducing that you value their time and input.  That’s a huge thing!

Simply send each party a blurb about the other person, explain why you think they should connect, and let them give you the go ahead.

When you’re pre-screening introductions you have to remember not to be precious about them.  If someone is not interested, fine – move on.  If you find that certain people turn down more introductions than they accept then it’s time to have a conversation about what kind of person they would like to meet.

Not only can pre-screening your introductions help you to make better connections for the people you know but it serves as a learning tool for you as well.  If you’re paying attention to the acceptances and the declines, you’ll learn who it is that the people you know want to meet, which only makes you a better connector.   And isn’t that the point of email introductions, anyway?