• Do the people in your company feel like strangers?

    Relationship strategy is important both inside and outside of your workplace.

    Our workshops educate participants about connecting, relationship building, and entrepreneurship through hands on activities and informative conversations.



    Interviews + Talks

    CEO + Founder Michael Roderick has spoken in venues around the country from small group gatherings to keynote addresses. Michael has been invited to speak at non-profit organizations, law firms, start-up incubators, and other membership organizations. He's created online educational content around speaking engagements for organizations such as Fractured Atlas and General Assembly.

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How strong are your relationships?

Relationships are like fuel for business growth. From expanding your client base to finding reliable referral partners, understanding your existing relationships is a major factor in your success.

Use the REF (Relationship Evaluation Form) to start examining your business today!


Relationship Design

Don’t look at networking as climbing a ladder, think of it as spinning a web. Webspinners recognize the power of weak ties, the importance of curating a network, and carefully balancing giving, asking, thanking, and experimenting.

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