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What to Do When Someone Doesn’t Want an Intro

By Michael Roderick  -  On 21 Apr, 2015 -  0 comments

Making introductions is a very powerful activity. The surprise element of it can often be thrilling and seeing the reaction on a person’s face when you make an offer to send someone their way that can help them can be truly invigorating. There is one side to offering to make introductions that can be difficult

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The Follow up We Forget The Most

By Michael Roderick  -  On 19 Feb, 2015 -  0 comments

Everyone tells you that in the world of business the motto is “Follow up or fail” and most of the time we believe that refers to follow up on a sales conversation or a request for something. There is another form of following up that is essential in building relationships that slips through the cracks

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How to Make the Most Out of a Coffee Meeting

By Michael Roderick  -  On 03 Feb, 2015 -  0 comments

The other day I came to the realization that I have taken well over 3,000 coffee meetings. These meetings have resulted in everything from job offers and interview opportunities, to valuable introductions and lasting friendships. Having spent so much time in front of a cup of joe, I thought it would be fun to outline

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The One Question You Need To Ask In Order To Make Good Referrals

By Michael Roderick  -  On 18 Aug, 2014 -  0 comments

There is no arguing that referrals can be a game changer in any business. A good referral can lessen the time it takes to close a sale, open doors to a different industry, or even increase the size of a project. Many business owners will consider you an invaluable resource if you are able to

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On Email Introductions: Tip #5

By Norah Turnham  -  On 13 Mar, 2014 -  0 comments

When you receive an email introduction it’s important to remember to include the person who did the introducing in your follow up. A simple two-step way to do this is to, first, reply all to their introduction email but move them to BCC so that you won’t fill up their inbox with emails that are

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On Email Introductions: Tip #4

By Norah Turnham  -  On 05 Mar, 2014 -  0 comments

It may seem obvious but when you introduce two people you need to make sure you have accurate information about what they do and what they are looking for. There is nothing more frustrating – or even insulting – than being on the receiving end of an introduction only to be introduced incorrectly. Everybody has

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On Email Introductions: Tip #3

By Norah Turnham  -  On 27 Feb, 2014 -  0 comments

This tip is something that is a little bit about personal preference and, as far as I can see it, a lot about respecting the people in your network. Before you make an email introduction, pre-screen it by making sure both parties are actually interested in the intro. Now, there may be some people who

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On Email Introductions: Tip #2

By Norah Turnham  -  On 18 Feb, 2014 -  0 comments

If you don’t pre-screen your introductions (more on that in the next tip) make sure that both parties are aware of why you introduced them. You can include this in your email introduction and it can be as vague or specific as you’d like but give them something to go on. Explaining why you’re making

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On Email Introductions: Tip#1

By Norah Turnham  -  On 11 Feb, 2014 -  0 comments

There are a lot of tools and resources out there for people who make a lot of email introductions but there are some simple things you can do right from your inbox to make effective and successful connections for the people in your network. This series, which I will be posting weekly, covers my tips

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Why your Business Card is like a Kiss: Six Rules to Remember Before “Kissing” Someone

By Michael Roderick  -  On 22 Oct, 2013 -  0 comments

I love meeting people.  I always carry a stack of business cards with me but I don’t have to replenish it very often.  The reason?  I think of my business card like a kiss. Here are six rules I follow when I do want to give a “kiss.” No one kisses anybody else without some

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