June, 2014

The Number One Thing That Is Killing Your Crowdfunding Campaign

By Michael Roderick  -  On 30 Jun, 2014 -  0 comments

There is no doubt that crowdfunding has really helped a lot of people who are developing projects and need a boost to get them off of the ground. As with any venture that has media success stories, there are now tons of people hopping on the bandwagon. I do not claim to be a crowdfunding

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Numbers vs. People

By Michael Roderick  -  On 10 Jun, 2014 -  0 comments

Many people will tell you that business is basically a numbers game. Do 100 calls, you’ll get at least 15 leads, those 15 leads will turn into 5 people considering your service and at least 2 or 3 will turn into a sale. This methodology leaves out the fact that there are PEOPLE on the

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The Funny Thing About Credit

By Michael Roderick  -  On 09 Jun, 2014 -  0 comments

If you look at the biggest moments of success in your life you’ll often find that, behind the scenes, there was someone who made an introduction, vouched for you, or invited you to an event that led to that big opportunity. If you look at the instances after that success, how often would you say

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Three Ways Marketers Are Damaging Their Relationships

By Michael Roderick  -  On 06 Jun, 2014 -  0 comments

If you’ve spent any time scrolling your Facebook feed in the past month, you have fallen victim to at least one of the rabbit holes that involve a list. With the advent of this powerful click bait, the folks in the marketing world have come on full force, resulting in people making very poor choices

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