Numbers vs. People

By Michael Roderick  -  On 10 Jun, 2014 -  0 comments

Many people will tell you that business is basically a numbers game. Do 100 calls, you’ll get at least 15 leads, those 15 leads will turn into 5 people considering your service and at least 2 or 3 will turn into a sale.

This methodology leaves out the fact that there are PEOPLE on the other end of the transaction.

What if, instead of a numbers game, you focused on a People Game?

What if instead of making 100 calls you took 5 specifically targeted one-on-one meetings?

What if in those meetings you spent time understanding what the person across from you actually needed and only provided them with a service offering if it was a fit for them?

What if you impressed someone so much that they went and told 100 people about you?

The old systems were about reach. We looked at the market in terms of mass and converting a small portion of the masses.

The new systems are about depth. Everything is segmented and, as a result, going deeper with your customer has become more important than ever.

So, before you go to that cold call list today, ask yourself if you want to play a numbers game or a people game. Do you want to focus on reach or depth?

The landscape is changing and the choice is yours.

Choose wisely.