March, 2015

Feed or Drain?

By Michael Roderick  -  On 06 Mar, 2015 -  0 comments

As the lights went down in the theatre on what by now had been the 30th reading I had gone to, I took a deep breath. I had been here before many times and I knew that I was about to have one of two things happen: I was either going to see something amazing

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Be As If You Were

By Michael Roderick  -  On 05 Mar, 2015 -  0 comments

When I was in undergrad I had a class that was focused around teaching elementary school children theatre. My professor in the class made us aware of something very early on that year that has stuck with me in everything I do. He told us all to never tell a child to “pretend” to be

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Organized Chaos

By Michael Roderick  -  On 04 Mar, 2015 -  0 comments

When I used to direct shows I would often refer to my process as organized chaos. I would make sure that my actors knew their guidelines and then I would let them use their own creativity to fill in the rest of the picture. I’d say something like, “At the beginning of the scene you

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5 Marketing Lessons from Fifty Shades of Grey

By Michael Roderick  -  On 03 Mar, 2015 -  0 comments

If you have spent any time watching TV or browsing the internet within the past few months, chances are you have seen something about Fifty Shades of Grey. From the re-postings of this trailer, to the endless parodies, to the box office records it’s like it was a little while back when you found it

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Be Batman

By Michael Roderick  -  On 02 Mar, 2015 -  0 comments

The other day I saw this meme and got quite a kick out of it. I was in a meeting the other day with an artist who was asking me about making great connections. As we chatted, she said something that I hear all the time from artist. “I just have my art. What could

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