Relationship Design Program

From CEO Michael Roderick

I work with you one-on-one to help you evaluate and design your professional relationships. You will learn my system for investing your time to build a powerful network of advocates. You’ll acquire the skills to curate and cultivate a network that naturally leads to higher-level writing and speaking opportunities and introductions to influencers who will get your message to the widest audience possible. Along the way, you’ll start attracting higher paying clients and increase client referrals. You’ll learn to develop a smart relationship design and turn your conversations from transactional to relational. You’ll also discover that properly executing those skills makes it possible to ask for anything and have access to anyone. I’ll teach you to develop relationships that are so strong that it’s not a question of if you will meet the people you want to meet, it’s only a question of when. Below is a month to month breakdown.

Month One:

We will focus on an evaluation of your current network and the ways you are currently engaging with the people in it. Once there is a clear picture of the network and the potential as well as your process for engagement, you will develop a system for identifying the people in the network who will create the most impact in the shortest amount of time. We’ll also explore the balance of giving that you are doing as compared to asking and thanking people and start to develop practices to strengthen the areas in which you are weak. – The core focus of month 1 is to evaluate and get you started on developing habits around supporting your current network. Think of it like an operating system that we will build on during each additional month.

Month Two:

We will focus on how you curate the network itself. You’ll develop a system for evaluating the introductions that come your way and a process for identifying which meetings bring more business in, and which meetings waste your time. We’ll also build in systems for you to leverage your time with contacts so that you add more than just one on one meetings to your arsenal. In addition to this we’ll begin to explore what percentage of your current network is truly supporting you in your goals and which percentage is draining you of resources. Based on this information, we’ll work towards increasing your advocates and decreasing your drains- Month 2 will be a month in which you will “clean house” so that you are spending more time with people who have a greater impact on your life and less time with people who are detracting from your progress.

Month Three:

You will focus on language and education for the people within your network. We’ll refine the messaging that you are using in one on one meetings and when asking for referrals so that the team of advocates you’ve assembled will be armed with language that introduces you in a way that helps secure the right business opportunities. We’ll also look at what you are putting into the world that is uniquely yours and what makes you a thoughtleader. In addition we’ll focus on identify good referral partners and advocates who you can share your unique content with – Month 3 will be a time for you to refine what you offer and to build an army of people who will spread your message and make great intros for you.

Month Four:

You’ll focus on playing a bigger game and start to leverage the powerful network you’ve built to secure interview opportunities, meetings with decision makers, and introductions that transform your business. At this point you’ll have filtered your network to such a degree that most of your introductions will be seen as a gift to the people in your network and you’ll feel much more confident about who you can reach and who wants to reach you. -Month 4 is devoted to breaking through barriers. You’ll focus on bigger asks, work on ways to create questions that get the attention of influencers and other thought leaders. You’ll also address any fears you have around asking for big things.

Note: Each description above covers a small portion of what we may address in any given month as each client has their own unique needs and challenges as well as their own pace. You may find that you move faster or slower through each of these stages, and that is totally fine. This program is focused on making YOU more successful and each month we’ll assess your progress

The process: we will meet in person/phone or skype twice a month. Each session will be one hour in length. There will also be an email check-in at the end of each week to assess progress and we can set up a call if you need any help or clarification on anything. I also will be accessible via email.

Due to the intense work of the program, only 5 clients can be enrolled at any one time. To check availability email me at



“Michael is a quiet shot of adrenalin for your career. Armed with patience and thoughtfulness he assessed the complexities of my business and helped me create strategy to build relationships that would lead to real professional growth. Most importantly, he coached me to identify the hidden individuals in my circle that yielded true value. The results of which doubled the amount of work. The first half of 2015 I booked three jobs and by the second half I won six jobs in six months. As I look ahead into 2016 I possess a renewed sense of confidence as a freelancer and artist.”

Corydon Wagner, Commercial Director

“After 2 years of operating my business, Michael finally made me referrable – he helped me create the messaging for my business so I can reach my audience and show the value of my services. Now people don’t say “you are awesome, but what is it that you do?” My referrals have increased by 300% in the last 2 months since working with Michael.”

Juliana Marulanda, Founder of ScaleTime

“Michael taught me a key rule of developing business relationships: authenticity first and last. Soon after starting my consultancy, I hit a wall with outreach that was going nowhere, and Michael’s strategic advice recalibrated my approach to building relationships. His deft analysis, coupled with smart suggestions for change, resulted in a range of approaches that not only work well but also help me stay true to my content and myself. I’m getting a much higher rate of response as well as building client relationships with the long view in mind.”

Dabney Hailey, Founder of Hailey Consulting Group

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