The Importance Of A Meeting Diet

By Michael Roderick  -  On 08 Sep, 2014 -  0 comments

When you first start any new venture there is the likelihood that you will start having more meetings in your life. These meetings can include networking meetings, partner meetings, client meetings, planning meetings, etc. Many of these meetings will feel super productive. You’ll talk about the future, maybe some partnerships, and you may also close some business. In fact, you’ll likely enjoy many of these meetings so much that you’ll want more.

And this is where the discipline comes in.

You see, much in the same way that you can get addicted to all kinds of great food and find yourself packing on the pounds, you can become addicted to meetings and spend more time chatting with people about the future than actually executing. It’s at times like these that you need to go on a meeting diet. How does a meeting diet work?

The same way a regular diet works.

You start by tracking. Just as you would look at what you eat each day and record that which is good for you and that which is bad, look at each of your meetings and ask yourself which ones are truly productive and which ones are not. Then, just as you would create a plan to start cutting down on your intake of bad food, you would start to cut down on your taking of ineffective meetings. Ask yourself today how many meetings you have. Is it a large number or a small number? Will you have enough time after each of those meetings to follow up on what you discussed?

Try giving yourself a limit to the number of meetings you can take in a day or week and you’ll notice a marked difference in your productivity. Go on a meeting diet and see what changes it can make in your life. Feel free to tell me how it went in the comments below.

Remember that just as you are the only one who can control how much you eat, only you can decide on how many meetings you take. Choose wisely.