Go Where You’re Awesome: Find The Audience That Is Already Standing When You Come On Stage

By Michael Roderick  -  On 30 Oct, 2013 -  0 comments

My freshman year of college was a time of discovery. I learned a lot that year about acting, directing, tech, etc.

One of the most important lessons I learned that year actually didn’t happen at college. It happened two towns over at my old High School.

I went back in the afternoons and was a drama coach for the operettas. What was pretty amazing about that was that I was second in command to the director, got to take notes during the rehearsals, and got to do scene work with the kids. These were people who were not much younger than me and yet I was giving direction because I was “in College.”

I could have volunteer ushered at a small theatre and been seen as some college kid helping out or I could go to my old school and be seen as a junior drama teacher. At the theatre I would have been another faceless helper, at Smithfield High I was awesome.

This principle applies to every business: go where you’re awesome.

An actor in the Indie Theatre Community could go and speak on a panel that is arts focused and be seen as just another actor or they could go to a college early career acting class and be awesome.

A UX designer who is just getting started could go to a tech meet-up and be seen as another designer looking to make connections or that same designer could host their own gathering of technicians around a specific topic and be awesome.

The crowded spaces are the areas where we have to yell to be heard and we have to show significant differentiation to be noticed.

If you find places to speak or work that are outside of your field you can whisper and people will listen intently because they’ve never seen your type before.

You can be a beautiful and unique snowflake but you’re even more unique if you’re falling on a scorching hot summer day.

There are places where you are kind of cool and there are places where you are awesome.

Take a second to think about a space where someone in your business has never been.

Where would YOU be awesome?

Go There.