Awesome Person Thursday: Malini Singh McDonald

By Michael Roderick  -  On 26 Sep, 2013 -  0 comments

If you followed my old blog One Producer in the City you know that I like to give a shout out to awesome people every Thursday.  So every Thursday expect to hear about somebody amazing!

This week’s Awesome Person Thurday (A.P.T.) is Malini Singh McDonald of Theatre Beyond Broadway and Black Henna Productions. I first met Malini when she was producing and over the years have watched her move into the marketing and PR space. If you’re involved in theatre and don’t know Malini yet, I would highly recommend following her on Twitter or getting on her mailing list.

Malini is one of the most supportive and dynamic people in the theatre industry and goes above and beyond for all of the people she works with, which of course is what makes her awesome.

You can check out her latest project and consider supporting this endeavor below. Thanks, Malini, for all that you do for the theatre and for being awesome.


About Pieces

How did I get here? Who are you? What did I just say? No answer, just darkness. This is Tabby’s life as a multiple. The clock ticking out her confusion and shame. But through intensive work, she may have a chance at regaining all that she’s lost. Tabby will have to meet each of her alternate personalities, hear about the memories they hold, and ultimately embrace them and herself in order to become whole. But can she maintain a normal life while uncovering the horrors of her past? Only time will tell…

And time is what it’s taken to finally get to this amazing place. Pieces has been knocking around inside Kristen’s head since 2006. Her thesis from her senior year of college actually includes sample scenes from the then untitled play.  After meeting Lorelei in 2007 and Joni in 2008 the show really began to take shape and has been changing and shifting ever since.

This show has evolved so much over the years.  And with your generous donation, on October 24th, we will be able to reveal the newest version.  Only with your help will Pieces be able to move from the page to the stage, gaining the much needed backers for a commercial run.  Help us make history with this life-changing musical.

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise $1500 in order to make this production a success!  Where will your donation be going?

  • $50- backstage notice for auditions
  • $700- audition and rehearsal space.  As much fun as it is rehearsing in a New York apartment…
  • $500-salaries (this includes actors, stage manager, and music director)
  • $100- marketing (this includes all promotional material)
  • $150- miscellaneous (this includes any random expenses that always end up popping up when a show goes up)

What do you get for being so generous? Well..

  • $25: A snazzy Official Pieces Button and a mention as a patron in our program
  • $50: A memory key and a special note from the alter of your choosing that can aid you when you need it most. The keys are: Dimitri: for protection, Chloe: for a joyous outlook, Jade: to shield away harm, Wolf: to help center and control anger impulses, Molly: for a childlike wonder
  • $75: A pair of tickets to see Pieces onstage October 24th at 8pm
  • $100: A special, one of a kind picture, drawn by Molly of her best friend, the Zaint (it’s a kind of fish), signed by each of the alters and Tabby
  • $125: A libretto signed by the award-winning creators Kristen Penner, Lorelei Mackenzie, and Joni Ernst, and Shaun Peknic (director and associate director of Once on Broadway)
  • $250: A concept album with three songs from the show
  • $500: A lunch with the creative team!!!

If we don’t reach our full goal, the funding that we have received will go toward paying off the rehearsal space and the salaries so don’t hesitate and please donate to get this amazing show off the ground!

The Impact of the show?

Pieces is the first musical based on Dissociative Identity Disorder. It takes a realistic and compassionate look into the life of a multiple; her struggle to cope in a world that she can’t remember experiencing. Tabby’s panic when she loses time, her mourning at her stolen childhood, the joy and fear when she experiences love for the first time, and eventually the acceptance of each part of herself sets the stage for this vibrant show.

In this age of evolution and change, Pieces takes the audience on one woman’s journey of self-discovery, healing, and ultimately coming together again after so many years of separation from herself.  It’s a story about survival, perseverance, and above all hope.

Violet Productions has had great success with our musicals.  We gave been putting up professional level productions since the original Pieces in the winter of 2011.  Our last musical, Pageant Princess won several awards at the PCTF Awards show in 2012 including best score!  Help us make Pieces the next award winner!

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can’t contribute, that doesn’t mean you can’t help us:

Get the word out and make some noise about Pieces and our campaign using the Indiegogo share tools!

And come to see the staged reading of Pieces on October 24th at 8pm in the Notes from a Page Festival at the Tada theater!  Tickets available at: